1 - 6
45 - 60 min

Pocket Detective


Pocket Detective is a cooperative card game which will put your deduction skills to the test. Gather evidence, interview witnesses, and piece it all together in order to reveal the perpetrator. A deck of cards will lead you through the investigation. Just open the box and start playing!

3 criminal cases to solve!

  • Murder at the University
  • Dangerous Liaisons
  • Time is Running Out

In the Pocket Detective game series, players take up investigations of different tangled cases and mysterious stories. Players are gathering clues, interrogating suspects, performing arrests and matching pieces of information to successfully solve the case.

During each turn, a player chooses one of the cards available this turn. These cards can represent a Clue, a Location, Witness Interrogation, Special Action, Arrest of a Suspect etc. Using the cards, which were received during investigation, a player discovers what actually happened. The objective is to solve a case in a minimum number of turns.

Pocket Detective is a series of cooperative card games which will test your deduction, for 1-6 players, age 14+.


Contents: 231 cards

Authors: Yury Yamshchikov
Illustrators: Yury Yamshchikov, Karolina Nakazato