60 min.

Crime Zoom: His Last Card


Crime Zoom is a series of detective games for 1-6 players. The rules are explained in 2 minutes, and the game itself takes about an hour. "His Last Card" will take you to 1980s Brooklyn.

A secure office building at 6 rue de Paradis. The janitor was instructed to take out the garbage, but this morning there was no trash in front of the offices on the top floor. Hearing music inside, he rang the doorbell, but no one answered. The janitor half-opened the door and discovered this crime scene. He notified the owner of the building, Mr. Martinent, who called the police...

At the beginning of each case, you come across a crime scene arranged out of cards.


Tracking traces is very simple. Take a look at the illustration. Are you intrigued by something? Do you see any important clues? To zoom in, simply turn the card over to follow this trail.

You decide for yourself what you want to investigate and which threads to follow. Throughout the game, you will discover different places, talk to witnesses and collect evidence. As soon as you feel you've resolved the case, you complete a report by answering a few questions about the perpetrator, the murder weapon and the motive, etc.

After reading the answers, you can read the epilogue to give you a deeper insight into the plot. Whether it will be a report from six months ago, an account of a witness who did not dare to testify to the police, or a conversation of clients plotting a crime, these few pages will allow you to look at the motivations of the characters from a different angle.


A real investigation in a deck of cards! "His Last Card" will take you to 1980s Brooklyn.

You receive an anonymous report of shots from the apartment of a certain Frank Bucco. You reach a run-down tenement house inhabited by poor families and drug addicts. Breaking down the apartment door, you discover the body of a man lying on the couch. Where are you going to start your investigation?

In Crime Zoom, you are detectives trying to unravel a mysterious murder case. The crime scene is made up of cards that form one large picture. To investigate a trace, simply turn the card over and follow it. In the course of the investigation, you will visit various places, question suspects, gather evidence, and try to come to conclusions.

After the investigation, you fill in a report by answering the questions: Who is the perpetrator? What is the evidence? What was the motive?

Finally, you can check the epilogue, which will allow you to explore the entire rich story.

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  • 55 cards
  • Rulebook
Authors: Stéphane Anquetil
Illustrators: Ceciilart, Julien Long, Leejun35, Christopher Matt