We are Lucky Duck Games

We spark happiness and inspire meaningful relationships

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Our mission

We want to bring people together by delivering industry-leading tabletop
experiences around the world.

We strive to work with the best board game industry partners and the most
passionate people we can, to share not only our own games, but those of other
designers and publishers around the world.

Who are we?

Lucky Duck Games is an international tabletop game publisher best known for
industry-leading Digital Hybrid board games such as Chronicles of Crime, Destinies,
Kids Chronicles, and Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy.

Founded in 2016 we grew quickly from a small design studio focused on making
board games based on popular video game IPs to an international publisher with
more than three million games sold worldwide. Our team is now over 55 employees
is based primarily in Poland, with a growing presence in France, Italy, the United
Kingdom and the US.

Our story

It all began with Vikings…

Lucky Duck Games was found in 2016 by gaming programmer and LEGO fan, Vincent Vergonjeanne, and art wizard, Mateusz Komada. Our first board game, designed by Vincent’s brother Julien and illustrated by Mateusz, was based on popular mobile game Vikings Gone Wild. Launching on Kickstarter in May 2016, Vikings Gone Wild became a massive hit and started a series of exciting crowdfunding campaigns including:


Vikings gone wild

was supported by 2,750 backers raising $236,949


Chronicles of Crime

Our first Digital Hybrid board game, was supported by 9,108 backers pledged $795,244 and, thanks to a follow-up campaign for The Millennium Series (2020) which raised $1,015,253 and a successful retail release, has seen over 800,000 games in the franchise sold worldwide.


Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

and it’s follow-up Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising (2021) raised over $1,960,000 on Kickstarter and Gamefound campaigns.



Our RPG-like competitive Digital Hybrid game invented a completely new way to approach narrative gaming and raised $627,063.


The Dark Quarter

Our exciting partnership with publishers Van Ryder Games raised over €1,014,957 and is bringing a rich and mature world to tables in 2023.

Building on the successes on crowdfunding platforms we have gone from strength-to-strength expanding our team in many new directions not often explored by tabletop game publishers

What makes us different?

We believe that board games in which play is enacted through both physical components and a digital element can offer unique and immersive tabletop experiences. We have published seven Digital Hybrid board
and five expansions already and have many more to come. Our software team also supports other publishers as seen in our creation of the new Companion App for Frosthaven from Cephalofair Games.

We have our own studio designing tabletop games in English, French, Polish and Italian. We also believe in supporting other publishers so, through our Worldwide Publisher Program and extensive global network, we help dozens of publishers to share their games around the world in 25+ languages and to dozens of markets.

We believe that games are for everyone so in 2021 we launched Lucky Duck Kids which has been created to publish games suitable for younger players. The brand launched with two hugely successful titles Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones and Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy. This brand will continue to grow as we endeavor to make brilliant tabletop experiences for a diverse range of audiences.

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