1 - 5
60 min

Flamecraft Bundle - Europe


Flamecraft Bundle includes:

  • Flamecraft board game - standard edition
  • Flamecraft: Dragon Minis - series 2
  • Flamecraft: Metal Coins - series 2
  • Flamecraft: Wooden Resources - 2nd Reprint


In a magical realm a village awakes, and artisan dragons make coffee and cakes!

In Flamecraft, 1-5 players take on the role of Flamekeepers, gathering items, placing dragons and casting enchantments to enhance the shops of the town. Dragons are specialized (bread, meat, iron, crystal, plant and potion) and the Flamekeepers know which shops are the best home for each. Visit a shop to gain items and a favor from one of the dragons there. Gathered items can be used to enchant a shop, gaining reputation and the favors of all the dragons in the shop. If you are fortunate enough to attract fancy dragons then you will have opportunities to secure even more reputation.


Flamecraft is a game of dragon placement and engine building. On your turn, you will place a dragon on one of the shops in town to visit it, and choose to either collect resources or enchant the shop.

Flamecraft Cards


Then, fire up the dragons and let them do their thing! Finally, expand the town with a new shop.





Bundle Contents:

  • 1 Neoprene Town Mat
  • 7 Colorful Dragon Minis - series 2
  • 25 Metal Coins in a Cloth Bag - series 2
  • 210 Wooden Goods Tokens (35 each of Bread, Meat, Potion, Plant, Crystal and Iron)
  • 34 Jumbo Shop Cards
  • 8 Player Aids
  • 42 Artisan Dragon Cards
  • 36 Fancy Dragon Cards
  • 36 Enchantment Cards
  • 7 Companion Dragon Cards
  • 6 Wooden Dragon Tokens
  • 6 Wooden Heart Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
Authors: Manny Vega
Illustrators: Sandara Tang