15-20 min

Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – The Gathering Storm expansion


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This is an expansion; it requires the base game Senjutsu: Battle For Japan to play.

The Senjutsu: Battle For Japan – The Gathering Storm expansion comes with two 32mm miniatures (Sohei Monk and Dutch Sailor) and 104 ability cards including each character's signature cards, kamae trees, new base ability cards and their own unique solo decks.

The Monk is a powerful fighter with a great Weapon Card, 'Jumonji Yari Stab'. An optional backwards 1 movement, solid attack pattern and then spend Focus to move into the Defensive (Yellow) Kamae position means that the Monk is rarely flanked!

The Sailor is our homage to William Adams, an English Pilot who washed up onto the shore of Japan in the 16th century and incredibly rose up the ranks to become a full Samurai!

His Core Card's Special Ability allows you to swap out the Pistol for his Carrack Sword, while the Pistol is out you may use it to take the "Dreaded Shot" Gold Attack Ability Card or must defend yourself by using it as a rudimentary club!

  • 3 Plastic Miniatures
  • 2 Character Card Sets
  • 5 Weapon Cards
  • 85 Ability Cards
  • 10 Solo Ability Cards
Authors: Paul D. Allen, James Faulkner, Dan Knight
Illustrators: Imad Awan