1 - 5
30–60 min

It's a Wonderful World - Leisure and Decadence


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This expansion requires It’s a Wonderful World to play.

This second campaign expansion for It's A Wonderful World pushes your experience even further!

Each envelope introduces a new scenario, and each secret box adds new hidden content! All added components and cards can be used with the core game even after you have completed the campaign.

This is not a legacy game, though there are surprises the first time it is played. The cards can be reset and the campaign played again in order to discover both possible endings.

Originally available only as part of the It's a Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascension Kickstarter campaign, this expansion is now available separately for the first time.

166 Cards (100 x 65mm)
6 Scenario Envelopes
5 Secret Boxes, including 27 Secret Components
2 Heritage Boosters

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Authors: Benoit Bannier, Frédéric Guérard
Illustrators: Anthony Wolff