15-20 min

Turtle Splash


Slide and steady wins the race!

It’s hot! All the animals of the jungle are meeting at the lake… But Turtle is late, as usual. How can he join his friends as soon as possible? Slide down the river!

With a flick, the players propel the turtle into the lake, then flip over animal tiles to advance on their personal board. Who will be the first to find all their animals?


Flick the wooden turtle token down the ramp to help Turtle catch up with his friends in the lake! The closer you get to the middle of the lake, the more tiles you'll get to flip over.

Land right in the middle of the lake and you get to flip over 3 tiles. Land in the main ring and you'll flip over 2 tiles. Land anywhere outside this area, flip over 1 tile. Check your personal player board to see if any of the tiles you flipped over match the next spot you can move a Ball token to. If they match, advance your token! If you have no matches, take a Swim Ring token which will let you flip over an extra tile on your next turn.

Be the first player to get all of your Ball tokens to the end of all three rows to win the game!


  • 1 Lake Board
  • 1 River Track
  • 2 Removable Barriers
  • 4 Personal Boards
  • 4 Swim Ring Tokens
  • 12 Ball Tokens
  • 1 Wooden Turtle Token
  • 12 Animal Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook
Turtle Splash
[English] [Rulebook] Turtle Splash
Authors: Joel Escalante, Rafael Escalante
Illustrators: Maïa Zeidan

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Turtle Splash
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