120 - 150 min

Destinies: Bound by Fate


This expansion requires the Destinies base game to play.

Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game. The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience without the need for a game master. 

In Bound by Fate you’ll be joined by a fellow player, forming a team and sharing common Destiny. Together you will fight against time and a second pair of players. Play smart, share quests and items to explore the world faster than your opponents. The team that manages to cooperate better and fulfill their Destiny faster will win.

This box contents give you everything to enjoy all 11 scenarios of Destinies base game, Sea of Sand expansion, and Myth and Folklore expansion in a 2 vs 2 game mode.

This game requires an app to play, but once downloaded no Internet connection is needed to play. You currently need Android 4.4 or newer, iOS 9.0 or newer, or a Steam PC/MAC client to run the app.



  • 33 Destiny cards
  • 1 Player board
  • 2 Main dice
  • 3 Effort dice
  • 8 Coin tokens
  • 6 Experience tokens
  • 12 Skill Markers
  • 4 Base rings for miniatures
  • 2 Pairs of action markers
  • 1 Plastic Insert
  • 1 Rulebook
Writers: Karol Górniak, Rafał Wojda-Wołkowycki, Rafał Sadowski, Michał Gołębiowski Authors: Michał Gołębiowski, Filip Miłuński
Illustrators: Karolina Jędrzejak, Joanna Kozioł, Magdalena Leszczyńska, Katarzyna Kosobucka, Mateusz Komada, DaYu, Matijos Gebreselassie